It may be a family, a couple, a single, but for anyone today seeking their first home or one that makes a good investment, recognising and then buying the right property for your needs can be a highly complex operation in many ways and one that can conceal many pitfalls.
A knowledge of the area, a good business acumen, perseverance and attention in selecting ads or simply following an established practice in the search for houses for sale, are not always sufficient for arriving at a purchase that meets one’s personal desires and needs. The purchase of a house is a type of acquisition that takes place once or twice in one’s life and it is thus not possible to gain much in the way of valuable experience, so it is easy to commit errors of judgement that can be very costly.
With its own team of professionals, Personal Consulting House has for years provided private clients – through a collaboration with the best real estate agencies – with an exclusive consultancy and analysis service of the properties that the customer is considering, analysing the hidden potential of homes by developing layout solutions for the rooms and the placement of the furniture according to the personal needs of the potential buyers. We are a consultancy practice external to the purchase of the ideal home with characteristics that respond to specific customer needs and able to process an evaluation of many factors: aesthetic, financial, bureaucratic, structural, environmental, and offer indications to purchase and realise the best possible home.

How we can help...
wishes, and any essential elements such as: a large kitchen, a study, a guest area or a given number of bedrooms. Once an interesting property has been found and has passed the initial check-list on the basis of essential factors such as fair market price and location, it is useful to undertake a second visit together. Accompanying clients in this phase is important because it often happens that we come across an apartment at an affordable price (because the decoration needs redoing, the fixtures or plant are old and the spaces poorly organised) and which can prove a real investment if considered by an experienced professional who can see beyond appearances and succeed in imagining the how its interiors could be transformed, in close relationship with the furniture to be included.
During the visit, we take measurements, photographs, check on the condition of the plant, assess the exposure of the spaces to the light and acquire a set of data to be checked in the studio, concentrating on the floor plan. All this information leads to a report, a sort of list of strong and weak points, of immovable constraints and deficiencies to be addressed, of items to enhance or which already have a good value, to be overlaid with the needs of the client in order to achieve a proper evaluation of the property’s potential.

Personal House Consulting is an exclusive service for the enhancement of interiors on a customised basis offered by Insidesign Studiostore Bologna and is aimed at private clients and real estate agencies.